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Week Twelve Thoughts - Eli Manning & Andre Hall

Giants' expected franchise QB Eli Manning threw four interceptions against the Adrian Peterson-less Minnesota Vikings and lead his team to defeat when three of them were returned for TDs.  He looked bad doing it, too.  His passes were thrown too low for a player of his reputed status.

There is little reason to believe Manning will ever be better than a middling QB, and that makes him the mentor for the Giants next franchise QB.  The only question is when the Giants have the opportunity to draft him.


No sooner did the Travis Henry/Selvin Young debate get settled than RB Andre Hall starts and totals 167 yards with 98 rushing and 67 receiving.  There is no reason to believe the Denver backfield will be any more settled with Henry out of the picture.  Nevermind, Rb Cecil Sapp scoring a TD this week, too.


How about Frank Gore?  When every fantasy pundit has finally written him off for dead, he explodes with the type of game that had Pro Football Prospectus 2007 rating him as the best RB for this season.  He had 116 yards rushing and two TDs along with 11 receptions and 98 yards.

So much for buying low.