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MLB Rumors: Johan Santana for Who?

Surprisingly, the local New York and Boston papers are not offering much in Johan Santana speculation this Sunday.  Anthony McCarron, Daily News says other teams have more to offer than either the Mets or the Yankees, and I agree despite yesterday's reports the Yankees could make a strong offer.

In Boston, Tony Massarotti, Boston Herald does say the Red Sox could trade CF Jacoby Ellsbury and lesser prospects while keeping Lester & Buchholz.  This doesn't seem likely at all.  Unfortunately, I get the distinct sense some in Red Sox Nation believes its prospects to be worth a lot more than anyone else does.

Nick Cafardo, Boston Globe  asks O's Assistant GM Jim Duquette and former player/now agent Dave Stewart if they'd deal two of the Ellsbury/Buchholz/Lester triumvirate.  The GM said keep them.  The agent said trade them.

A package includeing tow of those three prospects is a more likely scenario if Santana is to become a Red Sox in 2008.  Given, the current strength of the Red Sox rotation, though, I think a Red Sox acquistion is more an effort to block him from going to another team than a necessity for excellence in 2008.

While the local papers don't come through with much Johan Santna speculation, Peter Gammons of ESPn does via Buster Olney's Sunday blog.  Buster writes, "Our colleague Peter Gammons is hearing that the Twins want this three-player package from the Yankees, in any Santana conversation: pitcher Phil Hughes and center fielders Melky Cabrera and Austin Jackson."

Well, Hughes, Cabrera and Austin Jackson would certainly compel the Red Sox to include Clay Cuhholz along with Jacoby Ellsbury, wouldn't it?