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We're All Eagles Fans Today

With the Patriots expected to score 37 points while the Eagles score just 13, all of us hoping to see the Patriots lose may have to wait until next week for a more likely defeat. That won't stop us from rooting for Aj Feeley and crew. As John Clayton says, "CSI: New England: The plot: The opponent is the corpse. Each week, you have to see how bad the Patriots bludgeon it."

There are two RB situations teams should consider this weekend. The first is Kansas City Chiefs' rookie Kolby Smith. He faces a Raiders rush defense that allows more than 150 yards per game and recently made Ron Dayne 100+ yard rusher. The other is Chicago Bears' disappointment Cedric Benson. He also faces a rush defense that allows 150 yard per game in the Denver Broncos.

If you had been relying on Vikings' RB Adrian Peterson or Dolphins' RB Jesse Chatman, either back is a great fill-in for Week Twelve. In the case of Chatman, the injury reports on his ankle have progressively gotten worse, and he is not worth starting if you have the option of either Smith or Benson.

I admit that I picked-up Ricky Williams, though, but not to start. With the play-offs a couple weeks away, I am just stashing him on my bench in the event of an injury to another team's starting backs. I do not want any viable options in the free agent pool.

Reggie Bush of the Saints seems to be a risky start due to a bruised shin. He has not been very effective in anything but a PPR league and may be a conservative play to sit if you have a better option. I'd likely sit him if I had Benson or Kolby Smith available.

Update [2007-11-25 11:12:26 by Eric Hz]: Rotoworld is reporting that Adrian Peterson is warming-up prior to the 1PM game against the Giants. Start him at your own risk. I am fortunate to have clinched a play-off spot in the league I own him and will sit him in favor of.....Maurice Morris!

Here are the expected scores for Week Twelve given the points spreads and Over/Under number. Use it in ways you see fit i.e start Texans and Rams given the expectations they will score points as underdogs. Sit Dolphins and 49ers for the same reasons.

Favorite Undedog O/U Point Spread Expected Score
Giants Vikings 40.5 7 Giants 24-17
Bear Broncos 41 1.5 Bear 21-20
Titans* Bengals 46.5 1.5 Titans* 24-23
Jaguars Bills 36 8 Jaguars 22-14
Chiefs Raiders 34.5 5.5 Chiefs 20-15
Browns Texans 51 3.5 Browns 27-24
Seahawks* Rams 45 3 Seahawks* 24-21
Saints* Panthers 41.5 3 Saints* 22-19
Buccaneers Redskins 38 3 Buccaneers 21-18
Cardinals 49ers 37.5 10.5 Cardinals 24-14
Chargers Ravens 38.5 9 Chargers 24-15
Patriots Eagles 50 24 Patriots 37-13
Steelers Dolphins 41 16 Steelers 29-13
* Road favorite