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MLB Rumors: Miguel Cabrera, Miguel Tejada And Yankees and Mets

Earlier this week,'s Ken Rosenthal reported that Miguel Cabrera could be dealt by Thanksgiving.  Well that came and passed.  However, he did mention that the two Los Angeles teams had just one point of disagreement with the Marlins about either team's trade.  That one player was not named.

Yesterday morning's Miami Herald, Marlins' beat writer Clark Spencer provides the details left out of the Anaheim offer.  He writes:

Along with Willits, who would plug one need for the Marlins -- a center fielder -- the Angels also would likely give up second baseman Howie Kendrick and catcher Jeff Mathis. A source said the biggest sticking point to completing a deal at this point is whether the Angels also would throw in a fourth player: pitching prospect Nick Adenhart.

So the Marlins are not interested in Ervin Santana or Joe Saunders.  They would prefer 100% potential versus the performance certainty that a major leaguer provides.  If this trade occurred, I suspect the Marlins would initially try to move current 2B Dan Uggla across the diamond as his power plays much better on the corner than Kendrick's would.


The New York Daily News reports the Mets are in pursuit of former Phillies pitcher Freddy Garcia.  What surprises me is his former team needs starting pitching but isn't pursuing Garcia.  That is a signal I wouldn't ignore.

The paper also reports the Yankees have seen the cost of pursuing a middle reliever skyrocket with the White Sox's 4.75MM AAV contract for Scott Linebrink.  Internal options Juan Veras, Russ Ohlendorf and Edwar Ramirez may be a better option, it suggest.


Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun laments the position the Orioles are in with SS/3B Miguel Tejada thanks to the availability of better options on this year's market - first Alex Rodriguez and now Miguel Cabrera.  He hopes the O's can land a good starter pitcher and "at least one" nearly-ready prospect.

I'd be very surprised to see that occur.  It would be a deal just a wee bit less than what Cabrera will fetch, and Tejada is no longer anywhere close to Cabrera is value.