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Week Twelve Fantasy Football WRs - KC Joyner's Start/Sit

Thanks to having scored the most points overall through the first twelve weeks of the fantasy footbal season, my team, "Orlovsky's O", took over first place in the three-division league. In a twist, this league has no bye week play-off teams so there are still three weeks left before the regular season ends. Most leagues have just two remaining before the play-offs start along with a first round of play-offs in Week 14 where the top two teams have byes.

Over on, KC Joyner provides a list of Receiver match-ups. Along with those listed for my teams, one can get a better list of potentially good starts and good sits at wide receiver. This info is not behind the subscription wall so click through for more details.

KC's Starts

1. Joe Jurevicious CLE

2. Ronald Curry OAK

KC's Sits

1. Bernard Berrian

2. Dwayne Bowe

KC's Sleepers

1. Keenan McCardell WAS

2. Reggie Williams JAX

Orlovsky's O for Week Twelve

WR Team Grade DB Team Grade Adv
Reggie Brown PHI 2.5 Asante Samuel NE 2.8 -0.3
Muhsin Muhammad CHI 2.5 Dre Bly DEN 2.8 -0.3
Torry Holt STL 3.5 Kelly Jennings SEA 2.65 0.85
Andre Johnson HOU 3.65 Leigh Bodden CLE 1.8 1.85
Roddy White ATL 2.8 Marlin Jackson IND 2.5 0.3

Results From Week Eleven

WR Team Adv Rec Yds TD Right?
Reggie Brown PHI 0.5 2 18 0 No
Muhsin Muhammad CHI -0.15 3 71 0 No
Torry Holt STL 1 7 55 1 Yes
Andre Johnson HOU 1.85 6 120 1 Yes
Roddy White ATL 0 4 28 0 No