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New England Patriots Point Spreads Weeks Thirteen To Super Bowl

Steve Serby of the New York Post wrote an article earlier this week about prospective point spreads for the Patriots through the end of this season, and the lines against some possible Super Bowl opponents.  Given this week's -22 line against the Eagles, here is what Mr. Serby reports on how much the Patriots would be favored.

  1. at Baltimore -17
  2. vs Pittsburgh -14.5
  3. vs New York jets -24.5 Possibly the record set in 1976 with the expansion Buccanneers at 24-point dogs to the Steelers
  4. vs Dolphins -24
  5. at New York Giants -13 if still undefeated.
Super Bowl match-ups
  1. Green Bay Packers -19
  2. New York Giants -21
  3. Seattle Seahwaks -22
  4. Dallas Cowboys -17
  5. Field -23
Click through to read about the Top 5 highest point spreads and the results.  Of those five games, the favorite didn't cover four of them.