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Why Miguel Cabrera Will Soon Be An Angel: Torri Hunter Signs With Angels

Happy Thanksgiving!  I woke this morning to the news that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have signed centerfielder Torri Hunter.  Mike Giovanna of the LA Times says it best:

The Angels pulled off their second stunning -- and somewhat perplexing -- move of the week late Wednesday night, signing free-agent center fielder Torii Hunter to a five-year, $90-million contract

First the Angels trade for a starting pitcher when they already had six - Lackey, Escobar, Weaver, Saunders, Santana and Mosely.  Now they add a second centerfielder.  A third CF if one includes rookie Reggie Willits.

Which leads to the conclusion an deal with the Marlins for Miguel Cabrera nears, and it now includes CF Reggie Willits.  Willits would fill the Marlins' need for a centerfielder and a major league ready player at the same time.  A .391 OBP last year says Willits could be the best CF the Marlins could get.

With a starting pitcher and centerfielder to include, the Angels need only add 3B Brandon Wood and Miguel Cabrera is an Angel.  They would then be the favorites to win the AL West.