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Latest Miguel Cabrera Development

Speaking of Miguel Cabrera, Mike Giovanni of the LA Times offers the most recent analysis of the Angels' Torri Hunter signing and what it may mean to the team's pursuit of Marlins' 3B Miguel Cabrera.  He writes the Angels can now more easily include 2B Howie Kendrick in a deal for Cabrera by moving Chone Figgins to 2B.  More intersting, though, is what he proposes the possible offer to be - Kendrick, catcher Jeff Mathis, prospect Nick Adenhart and one of Ervin Santana, Joe Saunders or Jered Weaver.

No Reggie Willits and no Brandon Wood.  I do wonder if  the possible offer is much more than previous rumors unadjusted for the presences of Hunter, but, if not it is not, then the depth of the Angels system is highlighted.  The team has acquired a 200+ inning workhorse, signed a top-flight free agent and would have dealt for a 24-year-old four-time All-Star and still have a top infield power prospect and a .391 OBP CF to deal.