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MLB Rumors: Torri Hunter, Melky Cabrera & Miguel Cabrera

In an article originally posted on Monday but updated yesterday, Ken Rosenthal reported that the Dodgers or Angels could complete a trade by Thanksgiving for Marlins' 3B Miguel Cabrera.  The sticking point for either team was the inclusion of one player.

Rosenthal reports the Marlins want OF Matt Kemp and LHP Clayton Kershaw in a four-player package.  Is that one player Kemp?  Kershaw? Or do the Dodgers only want a three-player package?

"The Angels , according to a rival executive, have offered a strong package -- Kendrick, right-hander Ervin Santana, right-handed reliever Chris Bootcheck and another player, possibly Adenhart," is also written.  While another source tells him the Angels did not offer that combination of names, it is not difficult to see one player being the difference i.e. Joe Saunders instead of Santana.


The Royals remain interested in CF Torri Hunter despite rumors of a pending deal with the White Sox.  The Kansas City Star reports "those close to the situation continue to characterize the White Sox as the leading suitor -- followed by the Royals, Dodgers and Rangers."  The White Sox want an answer soon in order to pursue Aaron Rowand as a fallback option.


The Chicago Sun-Times confirms the White Sox are Hunter's first choice, but, of equal interest, it reports the Yankees are shopping CF Melky Cabrera for pitching help.

This makes some sense as the Yankees have two more years of Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui at $13MM per season and the $20MM Jason Giambi at DH in 2007.  There is a playing time squeeze.  If Cabrera can get the Yankees a Jon Garland-type of starter or a pre-2007 Scott Linebrink-level reliever, the team should do it.