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Notes On A Train: Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch and Marvin Harrison

After two hours of last minute requests at work heading into the getaway day for Thanksgiving, I sat back on the 6:45PM train and listened to Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus, Rotowire, etc during his weekly appearance on "The Rotowire Fantasy Sports Hour With Chris Liss".  He covered four injury situations -  Marshawn Lynch, Adrian Peterson, Marvin Harrison and Ryan Grant.  

Quick and dirty, here is what he said:

  1. Expect Marshawn Lynch to return later then Adrian Peterson.
  2. Adrian Peterson could be back this week depending on how he feels on Friday and definitely by Week Thirteen.
  3. Marvin Harrison is out this week and there is some locker room grumbling.
  4. With the short week, the Packers must decide if 75% of Ryan Grant on Thursday is better than 100% of another Green Bay RB.
All of this is subject to change as players get back on the practice field, but I am quite pleased with the Peterson news.  Now I worry whether I just heard what I wanted to hear about AP.