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MLB Rumors: Torri Hunter, Miguel Tejada & Miguel Cabrera

This morning, I awoke to the news that the Chicago White Sox were close to signing free agent centerfielder Torri Hunter.  I was surprised because Hunter met with Rangers' owner Tom Hicks yesterday, and I had visions of Hunter getting an offer he couldn't refuse.  At the very least, Hicks would leave Hunter with no uncertainty about his desire for Hunter to patrol CF for the Rangers next season.

The Dallas Morning News reports in today's paper that Hicks would offer Hunter a contract quickly as long as the meeting went well.  The Rangers are also saying Hunter wanted to wait until after Thanksgiving to make a decision.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Sun-Times reports that sources close to both sides say Hunter could sign with the White Sox within a week.  "The source said that "the climate'' was there for a deal to be announced soon, unless another team comes in at the last second and blows Hunter away with an offer."

Could Hunter have been driving-up the White Sox' offer by meeting with the Rangers' brass? The source used by the Sun-Times would certainly lead me to conclude so.

According to the paper, if this works out in the White Sox's favor, Kenny Williams will then shift focus to a lead-off hitter/left fielder.  Would the Dodgers' Juan Pierre fit that bill?


In today's LA Times, Angels beat writer Mike DiGiovanna offers two trade scenarios to land the Angels the power-hitting 3B everyone assumes the team will add.  The first scenario involves the Marlins' Miguel Cabrera and would cost the team the now-familiar names of Howie Kendrick, Brandon Wood, and either Jeff Mathis or Mike Napoli.

The second scenario involves Orioles' SS Miguel Tejada.  His guess is Wood and either Adenhart, Ervin Santana or Joe Saunders.  This would be great for the Orioles as they turned down the same type of offer a couple years ago and have subsequently seen Tejeda's production plummet but can still get the same price.  

Back in July 2006, the rumored deal was Ervin Santana and Erick Aybar.  Why would the Angels substitute brighter shining prospects like Wood and Adenhart for the dulled star of Tejada?