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Mike Lowell To Resign With The Red Sox

ESPN's Buster Olney is reporting he "heard early this morning: Mike Lowell is close to re-signing with the Red Sox."  Now the focus will turn to where the Red Sox will trade CF Coco Crisp, and whether the team offers RP Eric Gagne arbitration and risk his accepting it.

If he did, then the Red Sox could only cut his 2007 salary by 20%.  Assuming the contract bonus' count in the base, then the Red Sox would risk paying Gagne $6.8MM ($8.5MM*.80) if he lost his case or $8.5MM plus a raise if he won.

I don't think the chance for a 1st round pick in next June's draft is worth the risk.  Why not offer Cubs fireballer Kerry Wood a two-year deal for the same money with incentives for more?