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Why We Hate The Yankees And Other Yankees And Mets Rumors

Why do baseball fans hate the New York Yankees?  Read this, substitute any of the 29 other MLB teams, and fill-in the conclussion, "...but it figures - especially with all the money doled out to Rodriguez, Posada, Rivera and Bobby Abreu - that the Yankees will blank?"  If you guesed "seek to upgrade a suspect starting staff that has to count Andy Pettitte as a deletion at this point. And the Twins are likely to move the stud lefty [Johan Santana]", then you either read George King's article in Saturday's New York Post or you're a true Yankee hater.

In a surprising development, the Mets and catcher Yorvit Torrealba have had their three-year/$14.4MM contract fall apart for undisclosed reasons.  What I immediately thought was Yorvit is one of the eleven free agents being mentioned in the George Mitchell Report.   Then I read this in Sunday's Daily News:

A new addition to the Rockies in '06, he showed up at spring training that year having gone through an extensive winter weightlifting program in Venezuela with a personal trainer. That was intended to give him the strength to be a first-string catcher for the first time in his career.

This seems to fit a pattern of career-extending steroid use, doesn't it?  Until more information becomes available, anything goes.  Thank you, MLB.

Who will the Mets get to share time with Ramon Castro?  One player who is very available is Marlins' catcher Miguel Olivo.  He may not be the defender the Mets want, but he could provide a  stop gap until something better occurs.  He also won't cost what the Mets were willing to give Torrealba in either cash or contract commitments.