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Week Eleven Football and Point Spreads Questions

The byes are over, and fantasy football teams have their full complement of choices.  There is still a lot of football left, and any team that can rip-off two wins in a row can find themsleves on the cusp of play-off contetion.

New York Giants at Detroit Lions (+3):

  • Any chance Eli Manning exits this game with the better QB stats?
  • Will the passing offense everyone expected coming into the season show-up with a limited Kevin  Jones and a short week coming up?
Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Jets (+9.5):
  • Is this the week RB Willie Parker gets back in the end zone?
  • As nearly ten-point home underdogs and the bye weeks over, is there anyone on this team worth starting this week?
San Diego Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars (-3):
  • Who believes WR Chris Chambers was worth a 2nd round pick?
  • How will QB Dave Garrard's return affect the recent efforts of Maurice Jones-Drew?
Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts (-14.5):
  • Starters RB Priest Holmes and QB Brody Coyle explain the two+ TD underdogs status, don't they?
  • Now DE Dwight Freeny is out.  Can this team maintain its high level of performance now that the injuries have begun on the defensive side of the ball?
Oakland Raiders at Minnesota Vikings (-5):
  • Let the chants begin, "JaMArcus Russell!  JaMarcus Russell!"
  • Will Chester Taylor run all over the Raiders in his return to the lead back role?
Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens (+3):
  • TE Kellen Winslow is 8th in the NFL in receiving yardage.  Will he hold on and top Antonio Gates as the best TE?
  • Can Kyle Boller's performance justify the decision to make him the starter?
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons (+3):
  • Should a team whose QB averages one TD per game be a three-point road favorite?
  • Is QB Byron Leftwich the cure for all that ails the Falcons?
Arizona Cardinals at Cincinnati Bengals (-3):
  • Hey, Larry!  How about some TDs to go with all those receving yards?
  • Who thought the Benagls would be considered on par with the Cardinals when the season began?
Miami Dolphins at Philadelphia Eagles (-9.5):
  • With the reinstatement of Ricky Williams, who isn't watching for a Jesse Chatman spell of ineffectiveness?
  • This line opened at -11 and moved down!
New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills (+16):
  • Will RB Lawrence Maroney score his 1st TD of the season?
  • A Marshawn Lynch-less Bills offense does not bode well for a close game, does it?
Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys (-10.5):
  • Can the Redskins' passing game produce for a second consecutive week?  Is this the week RB Ladell Betts becomes valuable?
  • Will Tony Romo maintian his 40 TD pace?
New Orleans Saints at Houston Texans (-1):
  • How will Reggie Bush bounce back from last week's dud?
  • The Texans opened as three-point home underdogs.  Hopefully, QB Matt Schaub and WR Andre Johnson live-up to the bettor's expectations.
Carolina Panthers at Green Bay Packers (-9.5):
  • Can QB Vinny Testaverde make WR Steve Smith relevant?  Maybe I should ask if Testaverde can make it through the entire game and then ask the Smith question?
  • How will RB Ryan Grant perform?
St Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers (-3):
  • Which Rams' teams shows-up?  The high-scoring one from Week Ten or the 99-point one from Weeks One through Nine.
  • If the 49ers can't roll-up yards agains the Rams defense, then it never will. Of course, "rolling-up yards' for the 49ers means 100 yards rushing and 200 yards passing.
Chicago Bears at Seattle Seahawks (-5.5):
  • Rex Grossman returns at QB.  Will he be the Good Rex or the Bad Rex?
  • Can Maurice Morris give the Seahawks another reason to rest RB Shaun Alexander until he is completely refreshed?
Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos (-2):
  • The Broncos' run defense equals a 200+ rushing yards for the Titans' offense?
  • Does Monday Night Football still have the motivational force it once had?  It must because there is no other reason for the Broncos to be favored.