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We Are All Bills Fans Today

The Patriots and Bills kick-off this evening in the NBC Sunday night game.  With Bill Belichick storming through the league like General Sherman stormed through the South, there may be more Southerners who admired Sherman than there are NFL fans who admire Belichick.  Will this be the game that Belichick brings upon his players the damage he has wrought against sportsmanship?

If it isn't, then I expect the Patriots to roll over the Bills.  I do wish otherwise and would gladly be wrong in this prognostication.


Two of the bigger Start/Sit questions this week revolve around Lions' RB Kevin Jones and Bills' RB Marshawn Lynch.  Both players had been receviing plaudits that had them ranked in the Top 10 of all RBs.  And just like Vikings' RB Adrian Peterson, the hyperbole ended with injuries.'s injury expert, Stephania Bell, has been offering her assessment of each player all week.  Here are a couple of them from her Friday morning injury chat at

...What I'm hearing is that Jones' foot started to get sore during last week's game so they sat him the remainder of the game (I think he only had 4 carries). He is not on the injury report meaning he could practice - and in coming back from an injury this severe, it is not uncommon to have these ups and downs. The Lions want to make sure they do not really set him back, so when it bothers him, they proactively rest him. My expectation is that he will start - but be forewarned that if the foot starts to act up, he may leave early. it's a bit of a gamble.


Marshawn Lynch has an injured ankle and doesn't look to be going against the Pats.  Anthony Thomas is a decent fill-in.  Or at least he was at the end of last season.

[The Patriots] haven't released the grade of ankle sprain which would tell us a lot more. At first we heard no fractures, not serious. But he's limping around, not practicing and it's more serious than they thought. A bad sprain is sometimes worse than a fracture in terms of healing. Again, without knowing the grade, we have to go with his activity - but at this point I would say count on him out this week and next.


Priest Holmes is going to carry a full load this week after coach Herm Edwards headed into last week's game claiming Holmes' would get more than 15 touches.  He ended up with 26.  A tough game agains the Colts may force the Cheifs to play from behind most of the game and that could limit Holmes carries. Holmes remains a good flex option and an acceptable #2 if your depth at RB has taken a hit following injuries to Adrian Peterson or Marshawn Lynch or if your choices are Ron Dayne or Thomas Jones.

Update [2007-11-18 12:20:16 by Eric Hz]: Carolina Panthers' WR Steve Smith is inactive. I would stay away from the Panthers' WRs.