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Week Eleven Fantasy Football WRs - Andre Johnson

With just three weeks to go, my team, Orlovsky's O, is tied with three other teams at 6-4. I am third amongst this four-way tie in total points scored. Unfortuantely, this 12-team league has three divisions, and the teams who win the division make the play-offs with just one wild card. We three highest scoring teams are all battling for that wildcard!

With such a close race in the tie-breaker category (points scored) and the demise of the bye week season, fantasy football is getting down to the nitty gritty. This week I have the choice of all my WRs. The most important one is Houston Texan Andre Johnson.

KC Joyner did not grade him this week, so I took the liberty of assuming he comes back at full strength and plugged his grade from Week Two into the calculations. Going up against one of the worst starting DBs, Jason David of New Orleans, has Johnson scoring the best Adv grade. I am leaning towards starting him and Torry Holt. (Full Strength at last!)

The question is whether I use WR Reggie Brown against a poor Miami defense or start RB Ron Dayne against the Saints defense. Normally, I select the RB over the WR, but this is a PPR league and Brown could easily score more with 5 or 6 receptions.

This Week

WR Team Grade DB Team Grade Adv
Reggie Brown PHI 2.5 Will Alen MIA 2 0.5
Muhsin Muhammad CHI 2.5 Kelly Jennings SEA 2.65 -0.15
Torry Holt STL 3.5 Walt Harris SF 2.5 1
Andre Johnson HOU 3.65 Jason David NO 1.8 1.85
Roddy White ATL 2.8 Brian Kelly TB 2.8 0