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MLB And Free Agent News

Saturday's are normally quiet in the baseball off-season.  With only observational newspaper experience, I would guess it is that way because the papers hold the juicier tidbits of information for the larger Sunday editions.  Despite this, the internet has made access to every major paper accessible, and, as result, tidbits from across the country can be aggregated to provide an article larger than the parts.

Here are some of those parts.  Addressed are Aaron Rowand's possible destination, who has the best chance to land Miguel Cabrera, the truth of the Yankees' 4YR offer to Mike Lowell, Mariano Riveria's free agent status and the sense of David Eckstein's self-worth.

From the LA Times

Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti acknowledged Friday that he is looking at free agents Torii Hunter, Andruw Jones and Aaron Rowand as potential upgrades in center field.

Colletti described his pursuits of the three players as being in their initial stages

More from The LA Times

In the eyes of the Florida Marlins, the Angels and the Dodgers are the teams most likely to acquire star third baseman Miguel Cabrera, a baseball source said Tuesday.

From The Boston Globe

The Sox have a 3-year offer on the table in the $36-$39 million range [to Mike Lowell.] It's not known whether Lowell has another offer to consider. ESPN's Peter Gammons reported earlier in the day that the Yankees no longer seemed interested in pursuing Lowell as a first baseman and will go with a combination of Shelly Duncan and Jason Giambi.

Another possible destination could be the Los Angeles Dodgers,

From NY Daily News

Sources familiar with both the club's and the closer's thinking said Friday there were increasing signs that Rivera will accept the Yankees' offer of $45 million over three years, perhaps as soon as this weekend

The Yankees are not engaged in talks to bring Mike Lowell to New York to play first base, according to sources. were pursuing Lowell with the caveat that he move across the diamond...That report, according to a source, was "pure fantasy."

More from NY Daily News

Mets officials dined with free-agent infielder David Eckstein in Greenwich, Conn., this week in the hopes he'll fill the second base vacancy in Flushing.

Eckstein, the 2006 World Series MVP at shortstop, apparently is looking for a contract comparable to the four-year, $36 million deal Julio Lugo signed with the Red Sox last December, which might prove a stumbling block...