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Barry Bonds Indicted!

Finally, the Balco investigation has led to a perjury and obstruction of justice charge against MLB's all-time HR leader, Barry Bonds.  It took just four years.  For those who only think of the Balco investigation as the vehicle to get Barry Bonds, this is what the investigation orginally covered:

A federal criminal investigation ("the criminal investigation"), led by the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation Division ("IRS-CID), commenced in the Northern District of California concerning Balco's distribution of anabolic steroids and other illegal performance-enhancing drugs and the related money laundering of proceeds from the drug distributions. The criminal investigation initially resulted in an indictment and the convictions of four defendants on federal charges, including illegal drug distribution and money laundering offenses.

But that is secondary to this piece of information:

During the criminal investigation, evidence was obtained including positive tests for the presence of anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing substances for Bonds and other professional athletes....

Okay. So, I got to ask, Mr. Bonds. There's this number associated on a document with your name, and corresponding to Barry B. on the other document, and it does have these two listed anabolic steroids as testing positive in connection with it. Do you follow my question?

I'm not a lawyer nor am I naive enough to ignore that one-sided nature of the indictment, but I am inclined to believe the government took the time it did (at considerable taxpayer expense some could add) in order to secure as airtight a case as one could bring.

How this affects Barry Bonds' prospects for continuing his baseball career in 2008 is a less important concern.  Hopefully, he has made plans for this day and saved enough of the millions he earned to pay for lawyers.  It'd be sad if he had to continue playing just to pay the bills.

Here is the 10 page indictment, and it includes more snippets of damning testimony - assuming Bonds was in fact lying.