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Exploding Schaub

This week Texans' Quarterback Matt Schaub returns to action after missing the past four weeks with an injury and a bye week. With Schaub out of action for nearly a month, many fantasy owners have dropped him to waivers to pick up exciting stars like Quinn Gray and Kellen Clemons. That's going to turn out to be a big mistake for three reasons:

1) Andre Johnson Is Back! -- Houston's #1 wide receiver returns from an injury of his own this week and fantasy owners couldn't be happier. He started out with 14 catches for 262 yards in only two games before the injury and while you would expect there to be some rust, it's certain that Schaub will be looking for him early and often. During those first two weeks, 58% of Schaub's passing yardage went to Johnson.

2) The Saints' Passing D Stinks! - Nothing helps a quarterback look good like a really miserable pass defense and that's what Schaub faces this week in the Saints. One day in the future Quinn Gray -- a guy nobody had heard of before this season likely won't hear about after the season -- will be able to tell his grandchildren about the time he threw for 350 yards in an NFL game. Won't that be a great story? Awww...

Well,it's not that impressive when you take a look at the last five quarterbacks to face the Saints. They even made Alex Smith look good; in six games Smith has only two passing touchdowns, half of them against the Saints.


Opposing QB

Pass Yds

Pass TDs


M. Bulger




Q. Gray




A. Smith




B Leftwich/J. Harrington




M. Hasselbeck



3) The Texans' Passing D Stinks Too! - Star cornerback Dunta Robinson has been put on the IR which leaves a huge hole in the Houston secondary. Expect Drew Brees to abuse the Texans cornerbacks all day long ,which should provide the shootout that fantasy owners love.

This game is going to feature a lot of passing and Matt Schaub will be providing plenty of it. Schaub is only owned in 61% of CBS Sportsline leagues which I consider a crime. Go and pick him up, even if it's only for this one game. After this week, he'll look good in any last minute trades you try to pull off.