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Latest Alex Rodriguez News

Update [2007-11-15 7:40:46 by Eric Hz]: Various reports have the Yankees and Alex Rodriguez close to a deal for 10 years and $275MM dollars.

Update [2007-11-14 13:4:13 by Eric Hz]: Tyler Kepner of the NYT reports:

A person close to the Yankees said this morning that Rodriguez, through an intermediary, told the Yankees that he wants to talk with the team about a new contract agreement without the involvement of his agent, Scott Boras. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because no deal has been reached.

The Yankees contacted Mike Lowell's people according to the Daily News. This is interesting as the Yankees would be able to strike a blow against the now-favored Boston Red Sox. This would force the Red Sox into the trade market which would weaken the organization's prospect pipeline or into the free agent market where the team could not get the same caliber of player for the same cost.

This is a scourge
More interesting than a Mike Lowell Battle between the Old and New Evil Empires, though, is the fact both NY tabloids ran articles that suggest the Yankees will back out of their ultimatum to Alex Rodriguez to not opt out or say goodbye to the Yankees pinstripes. Mike Lupica of the Daily news sets forth the penance ritual ARod must go through in order to return. Apologize for the actions of his agent while adminstered 1,000 lashes with a scourge.

Joel Sherman, George King and Mark Hale co-write an article that gets more specific. They pen, "in recent days the Yankees began to hear some buzz that Rodriguez was interested in engaging the organization in conversations." The Post contacted Steinbrenner and this what he said and what they surmise.

"Whether something did happen or not," Steinbrenner said of a Rodriguez return, "I am not going to comment on that situation."

It was the first, albeit subtle, sign of a thaw between the two sides. Was it more than that? No Yankees official besides Steinbrenner commented on the subject. Boras did not immediately return phone calls. "

Whether the Yankees are trying to drive-up the price their competitors in Los Angeles or Boston would have to pay ARod or trying to drive down the price the Yankees would have to pay to Lowell or to the MArlins for Miguel Cabrera is not known. But this is getting interesting.