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MLB Free Agency Opens - Type A and Type B Free Agents

Free agency begins today. I don't know who will sign quickly with a new team, but I would like to know who are the Type A and Type B free agents. Knowing this, I can guess how quickly a player will be signed.

Assuming his previous team offers him salary arbitration, a Type A free agent costs his new team its first round pick if it is in the second half of the round. A Type B free agent does not cost his new team its first round pick. Given these condition, one would think teams would be more aggressive with the Type B player; hence the heavy interest in Rockies' catcher Yorvit Torrealba. Why sign Michael Barrett before the Padres commit to offering him arbitration?

Under these conditions does it make sense to sign ARod early or should teams call the Yankees' bluff and wait for him to be offered salary arbitration? Better yet, is there a team who could afford ARod who is amongst the worst 15 teams in baseball and will not have to give-up its 1st round selection? (Hint: A fromer pinstripe-wearing manager was just hired.)

If the Dodgers do not like ARod's cost, then maybe Mariano Rivera would be more palatable. He is telling reporters in New York that he would be interested in reuniting with Joe Torre would be an alternative if the Yankees do not meet his financial demands. Given the Yanks just gave 36-year-old catcher Jorge Posada $52.4 million over four years, I find it likely the team would kick in an additional year for Rivera.

Team POS Player Type Signing TM's 1st Rd Pick Supp 1st Rd Pick
Ari RHP Livan Hernandez B No Yes
Atl OF Andruw Jones B No Yes
Atl LHP Ron Mahay B No Yes
Bos RHP Eric Gagne B No Yes
Bos 3B Mike Lowell A Yes Yes
Bos RHP Mike Timlin B No Yes
ChC C Jason Kendall B No Yes
Cle OF Kenny Lofton B No Yes
Col RHP Jorge Julio B No Yes
Col C Yorvit Torrealba B No Yes
Det 1B Sean Casey B No Yes
Det RHP Todd Jones B No Yes
Det LHP Kenny Rogers B No Yes
Hou INF Mark Loretta B No Yes
Hou RHP Trever Miller B No Yes
KC RHP David Riske B No Yes
LAD OF Luis Gonzalez B No Yes
Mil RHP Francisco Cordero A Yes Yes
Mil 2B/3B Tony Graffanino B No Yes
Mil RHP Scott Linebrink A Yes Yes
Min OF Torii Hunter A Yes Yes
NYM 2B Luis Castillo B No Yes
NYM LHP Tom Glavine A Yes Yes
NYM OF Shawn Green B No Yes
NYM C Paul LoDuca B No Yes
NYY LHP Andy Pettitte A Yes Yes
NYY C Jorge Posada A Yes Yes
NYY RHP Mariano Rivera A Yes Yes
NYY 3B Alex Rodriguez A Yes Yes
NYY RHP Luis Vizcaino B No Yes
Oak C Mike Piazza B No Yes
Oak OF Shannon Stewart B No Yes
Phi RHP Freddy Garcia B No Yes
Phi 2B Tadahito Iguchi A Yes Yes
Phi OF Aaron Rowand A Yes Yes
StL SS David Eckstein B No Yes
StL RHP Troy Percival B No Yes
StL RHP Russ Springer A Yes Yes
SD C Michael Barrett A Yes Yes
SD OF Milton Bradley A Yes Yes
SD RHP Doug Brocail B No Yes
SF OF Barry Bonds A Yes Yes
SF 3B Pedro Feliz B No Yes
SF SS Omar Vizquel B No Yes
Sea OF Jose Guillen B No Yes
TB RHP Al Reyes B No Yes
RK Team W L WPct
1 Tampa Bay Devil Rays 66 96 0.407
2 Pittsburgh Pirates 68 94 0.420
3 Baltimore Orioles 69 93 0.426
4 Kansas City Royals 69 93 0.426
5 Florida Marlins 71 91 0.438
6 San Francisco Giants 71 91 0.438
7 Chicago White Sox 72 90 0.444
8 Cincinnati Reds 72 90 0.444
9 Washington Nationals 73 89 0.451
10 Houston Astros 73 89 0.451
11 Texas Rangers 75 87 0.463
12 Oakland Athletics 76 86 0.469
13 St. Louis Cardinals 78 84 0.481
14 Minnesota Twins 79 83 0.488
15 Los Angeles Dodgers 82 80 0.506
16 Toronto Blue Jays 83 79 0.512
17 Milwaukee Brewers 83 79 0.512
18 Atlanta Braves 84 78 0.519
19 Chicago Cubs 85 77 0.525
20 Detroit Tigers 88 74 0.543
21 Seattle Mariners 88 74 0.543
22 New York Mets 88 74 0.543
23 San Diego Padres 89 74 0.546
24 Philadelphia Phillies 89 73 0.549
25 Colorado Rockies 90 73 0.552
26 Arizona Diamondbacks 90 72 0.556
27 New York Yankees 94 68 0.580
28 Los Angeles Angels 94 68 0.580
29 Boston Red Sox 96 66 0.593
30 Cleveland Indians 96 66 0.593