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Baseball Prospectus' Top 11 Chicago White Sox Prospects

Kevin Golstein of Baseball Prospectus posted his Top 11 Chicago White Sox Prospects a few days ago, and it is full of players that most fantasy owners have never heard of. The #1 prospect, Fautino de los Santos, may be the least known of all the 30 top prospects. Given he struck out 153 in 122.1 innings, that will likely change by next March.

Whether de los Santos would be ranked that highly if the White Sox had a better minor league system is up for debate. What isn't is Mr. Goldstein's assessment that system is weak. The mere presence of AAA CF Ryan Sweeney is proof enough. He has failed to develop the power his 6'4 frame envisons, but he is just 23 and could surprise. I'm just not counting on it, and neither is White Sox GM kenny Williams if the Torri Hunter rumors are to be believed.

1 Fautino de los Santos RHP
2 Gio Gonzalez LHP
3 Aaron Poreda RHP
4 Chris Carter 1B
5 John Shelby CF
6 Jose Martinez OF
7 Jack Egbert RHP
8 Ryan Sweeney OF
9 Lance Broadway RHP
10 Brian Omogrosso RHP
11 Kyle McCulloch RHP