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What The ^%$! Happened - Week 10

  • Peyton Manning - 6 interceptions.  That was really unexpected.  Yeah, that last one was just a desperation toss, but even "Peyton Manning - 5 interceptions" isn't something you see every day.
  • Of course, it didn't take long for Colts fans to point out that Tom Brady threw 4 INTs in a game last season.  I'm telling you SBNation needs to find a way to make a TV show where Stampede Blue and Pats Pulpit just yell at each other for 30 minutes.  And maybe throw things.
  • There's Roy Williams and there's Mike Furrey.  Before the season everybody was wondering if there would be enough balls left for those two guys considering that uber-rookie Calvin Johnson was going to catch like 130 passes this season.  Blinded by the hype everybody, including me,  completely overlooked Sean McDonald.  He's second - not fourth, not third, second - on the team in catches (44), receiving yards (519) and receiving touchdowns (4).
  • Jeremy Shockey:  12 catches yesterday.  Everybody else on the Giants combined:  8 catches yesterday.   Yeah, that's not going to get it done.
  • Welcome Back Chris Henry:  4 catches for 99 yards.  Carson Palmer's fantasy value just went up.  Which is a good thing because the Bengals can't run the ball to save their lives right now.
  • Clinton Portis carried the ball 30 times yesterday.  Jason Campbell threw 3 touchdown passes. The `Skins still lost.
  • He lost a tough game, but Derek Anderson had three more touchdown passes yesterday, giving him 20 for the year - more than Palmer, Brees or either Manning.  Brady Quinn is going to spend next year on the bench and somebody needs to put him in touch with Philip Rivers' support group right now.
  • Through nine games, Brett Favre has more passing yards (2,757) than Tom Brady (2,686).
  • Vince Young threw the ball 41 times yesterday and handed it off only 11 times.  If your game plan is for Vince Young to throw the ball 41 times, you have serious problems.  You wouldn't have Vince Young throw 41 passes if you were playing Madden `08.
  • I don't want to panic anybody, but if the season ended today the Titans would be the final AFC Wild Card. Only one game behind them are the Bills and the Browns.  It's amazing what you can find if you look away from the Patriots for a second.
  • Back in September I wrote this:
    Really, is there anybody in Minnesota saying "Just wait until we get [Tarvaris] Jackson back!"
    After Brooks Bollinger's performance yesterday - he had 7 passing yards at halftime - I have to admit the answer is now "hell yes".  I'd also like to point out that after drafting Adrian Peterson, the Vikings passed on Trent Edwards.  Twice.