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Week Nine Open Games Thread - Kansas City RB Kolby Smith

With the news that Chiefs' RB Larry Johnson has a broken foot, both Kolby Smith and Priest Holmes should be picked-up now.  Who do you release?  How about those extra players who you had to carry through the bye weeks in order field a full roster?  You don't have any?  I thought the same thing and noticed one team had two DSTs.  Another has soon-to-be-suspended RB Chris Henry (That also applies to Bengals' WR Chris Henry.  We just don't know the precipitating event yet.)  A third is stting on WRs Santana Moss and Marty Booker.

There is no reason for the permanently mediocre to take-up roster spots once the bye weeks pass.  Take a chance!  You never know what events will transpire to make a player valuable for those final handful of fantasy football games.

Priest Holmes/Kolby Smith:  While KC coach Herm Edwards says he doesn't see Holmes getting more than 15 carries, I can see him changin his mind.  Regardless, rookie RB Kolby Smith is the must-get in the event Larry Johnson is out longer than Week Eleven as SI's Peter King reports.

My favorite source of info on the obscure football player is Pro Football Prospectus 2007.  It writes about Smith:

Michael Bush's replacement at Louisville put up the same 5.6 yards per carry as Bush did in his junior season, but Smith struggled with injuries....has the blocking ability, versatility, and body type to be successful on the NFL level...  He would be in the "Going Deep" section except for this little thing called "The Curse of 370"; If Larry Johnson goes down wiuth an injury, Smith becomes the big-back committee partner....

Shaun Alexander/Mo Morris/Leonard Weaver:  Doesn't it feel as if Alexander has been ruled out for this game?  He hasn't, and, until he is, neither of the other two backs are worth considering for a start.

Frank Gore/Michael Robinson/Mo Hicks: Gore is listed as "questionable" but Mike Maiocco of the The Press Democrat reports assistant coach Mike Singletary ran Saturday's practice and said Gore looked great.  "He made some great cuts," Singletary was reported to have said.

Ryan Grant/Brandon Jackson:  Grant followed-up his 104-yard effort against the Broncos with a 55-yard one against KC where he averaged 2.9 YPC.  I'm not sold quite yet.  

Travis Henry/Selvin Young:  The Denver RB has been considered a lock for 1,000+ yards for just starting in the Broncos system.  But this is a bad team that has not rushed successfully for a month.  The lead rushing totals are 65, 51, 71, 31, and the schedule continues to do no favors.  Don't waste so much fantasy energy in this backfield.

Update [2007-11-11 12:28:2 by Eric Hz]: Henry is inactive. Now is the time for Young to prove his worthiness.

Warrick Dunn/Jerious Norwood/Artose Pinner:  Norwood's ankle is dinged, but he wasn't getting the touches anyhow.  Am I the only one scared that Pinner will have a good game complementing Dunn and bury Norwood for the rest of the season?

Cedric Benson/Adrian Peterson:  Benson is plodding.  I think "Ron Dayne" when I think "Cedric Benson."  If Benson doesn't shred the Oakland Defense the way Dayne did last week (21/122/1), I see no reason why there shouldn't be two Adrian Peterson's starting in the NFC North.

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