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Week Ten Fantasy Football WRs - John Broussard

Last week's WRs, Reggie Brown and Roddy White, did not perform well, but they were on the cusp of doing so. Brown had 55 yards on two receptions, White put up the same yardage but on three receptions. I can't help but see those YPC and think, "They'll break one soon."

Both WRs will be active this week for my Orlovsky's O squad, which enters Week Ten at 5-4 with the 2nd highest Points Scored Total. The third will be Rams' WR Torry Holt. Normally, I'd consider a running back to fill my Flex, but Jerious Norwood is dinged, Ron Dayne is on a bye, and Ladell Betts does nothing but tempt his owners to cut him.

The one player I have my eye on is Jaguars' rookie WR John Broussard. He had two receptions for 71 yards last week. I've already admitted to being a sucker for that type of production, but I am more interested in seeing who finally emerges as a viable fantasy WR in Jacksonville. We already know who won't, but that can't last forever, can it?

Checking out the WR section of "Going Deep" from Pro Football Prospectus for more information, I am not anymore encouraged or discouraged. They write:

Broussard is a rail-thin kick-return prospect who was productive as a receiver in his final season at San jose State. He has pure speed, but lacks size, strength and ball skills.

Am I the only person who Dowdified that to just:

Broussard is a...prospect who was productive as a receiver in his final season at San Jose State. He has pure speed....

This Week

WR Team Grade DB Team Grade Adv
Reggie Brown PHI 2.5 Shawn Springs WAS 3.5 -1
Muhsin Muhammad CHI 2.5 Stanford Routt OAK 2.8 -0.3
Torry Holt STL 3 Jason David NO 1.8 1.2
Andre Johnson HOU 1 Bye Bye 4 -3
Roddy White ATL 2.8 Ken Lucas CAR 2.8 0

Last Week

WR Team Adv Rec Yds TD Right?
Reggie Brown PHI -1 2 55 0 Yes
Muhsin Muhammad CHI Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye
Torry Holt STL Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye
Andre Johnson HOU Inj Inj Inj Inj Inj
Roddy White ATL 0.3 3 55 0 No