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Baseball News From Yesterday With Chat Links - BJ Upton

The Devil Rays' BJ Upton entered the 2007 season as a big question mark after a disappointing second season in AAA where his SLG dropped below .400.  He opened the year with the Devil Rays and got off to a torrid start.  Despite a low contact rate that had every member of the baseball intelligensia predicting a crash back to Earth, the crash never really occurred.

He finished the season with an impressive slash stat line of 302/389/508.  With a 154 whiffs in 474 ABs, there is still contact concerns.  How much will this effect his value in 2008?  Will eligibility at 2B and OF along with his 24 HRs and 22 SBs dimish the whiffs influence on his value?

Fantasy Sports:

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General Baseball:

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