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List of Important Players Off For Week Six

Normally, I do not begin to get into the coming week's fantasy moves until later in the week when injury statuses (statii?) become more publicly known, but, with a six team bye in Week Six, I will make and exception. The Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers all have their bye week on Sunday.

By my conservative count, there nineteen every week starters at RB, WR, QB or TE that are going to be resting this Sunday. Nevermind the Kickers and Defense/Special Teams. Everyone in your fantasy football league is going to be hitting your league's waiver wire as soon as possible. Be prepared.

Hopefully, you did some forward planning at draft time and accounted for this week. Unfortunately, even if you did, you will have to had been lucky to not suffer any injuries that would have waylaid your plans.

This doesn't even include Deoin Branch of the Seattle Seahwaks who was a lock to start for fantasy teams in Week Six and is now out.

Team Pos Player
Buffalo WR Lee Evans
Buffalo RB Marshawn Lynch
Denver RB Travis Henry
Denver WR Javon Walker
Denver WR Brandon Marshall
Denver QB Jay Cutler
Detroit QB Jon Kitna
Detroit WR Roy Williams
Indianapolis QB Peyton Manning
Indianapolis RB Joseph Addai
Indianapolis WR Marvin Harrison
Indianapolis WR Reggie Wayne
Indianapolis TE Dallas Clark
Pittsburgh QB Ben Roethlisberger
Pittsburgh RB Fast Willie Parker
Pittsburgh WR Hines Ward
Pittsburgh WR Santonio Holmes
Pittsburgh TE Heath Miller
San Francisco RB Frank Gore