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Week Five Football and Point Spreads Questions

New York Jets at New York Giants (-3):

  •  How do the Giants split the carries between Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward?
  •  The Jets offense is fairly boring with almost nothing to think about.
Carolina Panthers at New orleans Saints (-3):
  •  QB David Carr - has he made WR Steve Smith a much worse fantasy option?
  •  While the re-appearance of the 2006 Saints would be nice, the bigger question is how well Reggie Bush does as the #1 RB.
Jacksonville Jaguars at Kansas City Chiefs (+2):
  •  Do the Jaguars deserve to be two-point favorites against a team that has better skills players on offense?
  •  Rookie WR Dwayne Bowe - will he continue to do his best Marques Colston circa 2006 impression?  With 299 receving yards he ranks 20th in the category.  And frankly, LSU fans need something to cheer about after yesterday's Baton Rouge nightmare.  Oh, wait.  I just saw the Tigers came back to win.  Those poll voters proved to be fairly smart, didn't they?
Detroit Lions at Washington Redskins (-3.5):
  •  Am I the only person who doesn't think the Lions are 3-1?  That line says Vegas doesn't believe it either.  Will Kevin jones continue to take touches from Tatum bell?
  •  What kind of game will QB Jason Campbell have against the generous Lions pass defense?  
Atlanta Falcons at Tennesee Titans (-8):

*  Vegas believes!  An eight-point favorite says nothing else.  Will QB Vince Young and the Titans defense prove worthy?

Miami Dolphins at Houston Texans (-5):

*  How things change.  The Texans are a five-point favorite without their #1 WR and #1 RB.  All credit goes to the inability of the Dolphins defense to stop the run and of QB Trent Green to not turnover the ball.

Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers (-6):

*  After being manhandled by the Cardinals in the desert, the Steelers return home and are six-point favorites.  Do we have the beginning of an extreme home-road split?  Will WR Santonio Holmes continue to to prove his 2007 sleeper status correct?

Cleveland Browns at New England Patriots (-16.5):

*  16.5 points is very tempting with a surprisingly good Browns team.  (Sorry Cowboys fans.)  Will the Browns step-up or will the Patriots offense continue to roll?

Arizona Cardinals at St Louis Rams (+3.5):

*  The Cardinals as road favorites?  I don't believe.  Given the horrendous offense of the Rams and the decent one of the Cardinals, how do the Rams win, though?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Indianapolis Colts (-9.5):

  •  If the Colts are without WR Marvin Harrison and RB Jospeh Addai, how will the Colts manage to win by 10 points against an resurgent Bucs defense?
  •  How will the RBBC in Tampa play out?
San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos (-1):
  •  With the near suspension of RB Travis Henry, will Mike Shannahan give more carries to Henry's back-ups in anticipation of a possible suspension?
  •  Run Tomlinson.  Throw the ball to Tomlinson and Gates.  Seems simple enough, doesn't it?
Baltimore Ravens at San Francisco 49ers (+3.5):
  •  A mediocre-to-bad offense and a middling defense on the road laying three and a half?  How?
  •  How QB Trent Dilfer handles the offense will dictate how high the 49ers pick next draft?
Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers (-3):
  •  Is the glow from 2006 enough for the Bears to cover the spread?  Will QB Brian Greise avoid the turnovers necessary to do so?  The clock is ticking on RB Cedric Benson.  If you haven't grabbed his back-up yet, get ready to do so.
  •  Can the Packers continue to win with no semblance of a running game whatsoever?
Dallas Cowboys at Buffalo Bills (+10):

*  Shouldn't this line be a lot higher?  

The team at ESPN will begin their Sunday NFL HQ chat at 10 AM and go until the 7PM.  If you're hoping for reassurance for the players you've started or not started maybe they can provide it.