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Week Five Disappointments - Santonio Holmes

This week was a little more vomit-inducing than last week. There are a couple of TD vultures on the list - the Steelers' Najeh Davenport and Redskins' FB Mike Sellers, who had good games. Except I had Fast Willie Parker in one league, and Ladell betts starting in another tanks to a bye week crunch.

LenDale White was a total bust as his lost fumble took two of his three points away while Steelers' WR Santonio Holmes pulled a hamstring in the pre-game and cost him any playing time. Like Robbie tells Linda in The Wedding Singer, "Gee, you know that information... really would've been more useful to me *yesterday.*"

This is shaping-up as week where I take one of the four games I am involved in. At least the one win will come against the recipient of Larry johnson, Heath Miller and Vince Young for Eli manning and Lawrence Maroney. Talk about a vetoable trade working out short-term. Still I need a Tums or something.

POS Player Team Att/Rec/Comp Yds TD More
WR Marques Colston NO 4 31 0  
RB Najeh Davenport PIT 7 58 2 4-38-0 Receiving
RB Mike Sellers WAS 5 24 1 3-36-1 Receiving
RB LenDale White TEN 12 32 0 1 FL
WR Santonio Holmes PIT 0 0 0 Injured pre-game