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Fantasy Football Week Five Open Games Thread

This is the Week Five Fantasy Football Open Game Thread.  Any observations from today's game will be posted here as I see them.  Random thoughts, incomplete sentences, whatever.  I did go with Titans' WR Brandon Jones rather than Falcons' WR Roddy White or the Bears' Muhsin Muhammad just as the voters asked.

I wanted to pick-up the Colts' Kenton Keith, but couldn't find any player I'd feel comfortable dropping.  I heard injury advisor Stephania Bell on Friday's "Rotowire Fantasy Sports Hour with Chris Liss" on XM Radio say that Addai's injury isn't that bad, and this week plus the bye next week should do it for him.  Why risk losing Dolphins WR Chris Chambers for one week of Keith?  Hopefully, those are not famous last words.

The team at ESPN will begin their Sunday NFL HQ chat at 10 AM and go until the 7PM.  If you're hoping for reassurance for the players you've started or not started maybe they can provide it.  Did a question-and-answer or a statement strike you as worthy of more discussion, bring it over.  I'll give my $0.02 USD or CAD.