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Baseball News From Yesterday With Chat Links - Robinson Cano

In yesterday's Game One loss to the Cleveland Indians, Yankees' 2B Robinson Cano hit a home run.  During the regular season, he produced a very impressive 19 HR, 94 RBI and a .306 AVG.  Given he had a mere 3 HRs/33 RBI/.269 at the end of June, his numbers are that much more impressive.

Is this type of split to be expected given his inability to draw walks?  How should fantasy players manage a player like him?  Is he buy-and-hold when not doing well and a sell-high when he is?

Fantasy Sports:

Fantasy Football with Scott Engel at 11AM.

Fantasy Injuries with Stephania Bell at 3PM.

General Football:

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NFC/AFC Souths and Wests with Scouts Inc from 2PM to 4PM.

NFL with Jeremy Green at 4PM.

General Baseball:

MLB with Jerry Crasnick at noon.

MLB WITH Jayson Stark at 1PM.

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