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Ladanian Tomlinson and Larry Johnson Traded!

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After weeks of wondering what one could expect in a trade for a top flight rusher, running backs Ladanian Tomlinson and Larry Johnson have been traded!  I'm as surprised as anyone.  My sense of the market was the difficulty in dealing any starting RB was so great because almost no trade could be consumated without the team acquiring the RB paying through the nose.  Here are the trades.

Ladanian Tomlinson Trade :

  • WR Reggie Brown
  • QB Steve McNair
  • TE Owen Daniels
  • RB Shaun Alexander
  • WR Roy Williams
  • QB Brian Greise
  • TE Alge Crumpler

Larry Johnson Trade:

  • RB Larry Johnson
  • QB Vince Young
  • TE Heath Miller
  • RB Laurence Maroney
  • QB Eli Manning

The first deal offers some idea of what Tomlinson would cost in a fantasy football trade - a Top 10 RB and WR along with a slight upgrade at TE and QB.  I suspect an upgrade at K would substitute for either the TE or QB.  This certainly supports my assessment of the price of a starting RB upgrade.

The second, though, reminds me of an offer sent in error or as a result of a side bet that the LJ owner lost.  It offers close to nothing of value in determining market prices.

Your thoughts?