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Baseball News From Yesterday - Tom Glavine

The Met's Tom Glavine announced that he is likely to be a former Met at week's end when he declines his option to stay with the team that he couldn't make competitive in their do-or-die game last Sunday.  He mentioned going home to Atlanta.

This would make sense for the Braves as Glavine is likely to represent one of the better option available to bolster a weak Atlanta rotation.  A starting four of Tim Hudson, John Smoltz, Tom Glavine and Chuck james would be as strong as any top four.  This assumes that the shoulder issues that derailed James in the last two months of the season are not serious.

The question is how many years does Glavine want.  As a strong "union" man, he will undertstand the importance of getting more than a one-year-I-want-to-be-happy contract from Atlanta.

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