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Analysis of Baltimore Ravens/Cleveland Browns & Chicago Bears/Detroit Lions Games

The analysis of last week's Baltimore Ravens / Cleveland Browns game and the Chicago Bears / Detroit Lions one are next-up in my extended answers to the questions I posed on Sunday.

Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns (+4):

My befuddlement over the line proved well-placed as the Browns handily won this game.  With QB Derek Anderson utilizing his offensive weapons, WR Braylon Edwards and TE Kellen Winslow, the Browns offense is too good to be home 'dogs to teams with lesser skills players.

Fantasy implications:

  • Receivers Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow are ready to be every-week starters at their respective positions.
  • QB Derek Anderson at the top of the free agent pool QBs during the Bye Week Period.  After their bye?  Maybe not.
  • Baltimore Defense?  Sell high if you can.
Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions (+3):

The Bears have fallen.  Losing a high-scoring game to the Lions tells me the Super Bowl run ends at one.  QB Brian Griese did throw the ball frequently, and WR Mushin Muhammad finally emerged as a receiving option folloiwng three weeks of being ignore by Rex Grossman.  More surprising though, was WR Bernard Berrian who caught 9 passes from the more conservative Griese.  If the Bears running game continues to struggle, both WRs will be quality PPR options

Lions WR Shaun MacDonald caught a TD pass amongst his three receptions.  With 31 yards, I am not overly impressed, though.  With Mike Furry catching five and Roy Williams catching six, there are not enough balls to go around especially when WR Calvin Johnson returns.  The other consideration is the improvement of the running game.  If Tatum Bell and Kevin Jones can continue to run effectively (21 carries/84 yards), then there will be fewer pass plays.

Fantasy Implications:

  •  Bears WR Bernard Berrian will continue to be an option despite the change from a bomb-throwing QB to a Dinker-and-Dunker.
  •  While the defense isn't dominant, the return game should keep the Bears Defense viable.
  •  Lions' RB Kevin Jones looks like he is rounding into a viable Flex Option until the end of the Bye Week run.