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Baseball Prospectus' Top 11 Baltimore Orioles Prospects

Maybe Halloween is too early, but there isn't anything occurring in minor league baseball that would so dramatically change the performances of this past season's minor leaguers. Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus has the first of sixty top prospects lists (30 by BP and another 30 by Baseball America)that will be published through the middle of February which culminating with a Top 100 list from both publications.

The kick-off for the organizational reports begins with the Baltimore Orioles. Topping the list is the team's 2007 1st round pick, catcher Matt Wieters. While four other teams passed on him, he could very well be the next Joe Mauer. This would be an explanation for a player with just 68 Hawaii Winter League ABs worth of experience under his professional belt topping an organization's prospect list. However, I don't believe it. (ed. Hey smarty pants! What about Joba Chamberlain's HWL efforts last year?)

Here is the list of Kevin Goldstein's Top 11 Baltimore Orioles' Prospects. click through the link to read Mr. Goldstein's analysis of Wieters (no subscription required.) You can also see how many stars each prospect is given.

Rank Player Postion
1 Matt Wieters C
2 Chorye Spoone RHP
3 Radhames Liz RHP
4 Jake Arrieta RHP
5 Nolan Reimold OF
6 Billy Rowell 3B
7 Brandon Erbe RHP
8 Garrett Olson LHP
9 Pedro Beato RHP
10 David Hernandez RHP
11 James Hoey RHP