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Fantasy Basketball Opening Night

The fantasy basketball season tips of tonight, and, unfortunately, there was not enough interest to fill a league of Fake Teams readers. I take full responsibility as I have neglected the third fantasy sports. However, that doesn't mean I am willing to do it any longer. (ed: Maybe you should have said "to the same extent as I previously did"? Set the bar low.)

That aside, I have one autodraft team right now. My strategy was to address the one category I always struggle with - assists. As a result, I've got point guards. Lots of them. That is the peril of an autodraft and two utility spots. Yahoo! takes the best player until there is no active slot for him. Once I got into the 4th, 5th etc rounds, PGs were the best available.

I recognize my team is PG-heavy. Is this the type of roster construction that can be fixed as the season progresses or should I focus on adding strength at the forward positions right away?

1 8 PG Gilbert Arenas
2 17 SG Ray Allen
3 32 SF/PF Gerald Wallace
4 41 PG/SG Raymond Felton
5 56 PG/SG Jason Terry
6 65 PG Tony Parker
7 80 C Andris Biedrins
8 89 SG/SF Rudy Gay
9 104 PF/C Darko Milicic
10 113 PF Antonio McDyess
11 128 PF Drew Gooden
12 137 PG/SG Mike Conley Jr
13 152 SF/PF Ruben Patterson