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Weekly Surprises -- Week 8

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Everybody turn to and search on Echemandu.      That's E - C - H ...

Adimchinobe Echemandu, RB, Houston - The guy with the worst name to type in all of football was cut by the Raiders earlier this season, picked up by Houston this week and then had 10 carries for 62 yards.  While Ron Dayne had more carries (17), Echemandu made more of his carries.  The Texans still have both Echemandu and Dayne along with a maybe-soon-to-be-healthy-or-not Ahman Green, so there's no way of knowing who will be the starter right now.

J.P. Losman, QB, Buffalo - Hey, I know you!  Yes, the guy who lost his job to a third round draft pick came into the game Sunday when the aforementioned Trent Edwards got hurt.  Losman finished at 3 of 5 for 113 yards and a touchdown, including an 85 yard bomb to Lee Evans.  Now the Bills have an old-fashioned quarterback controversy on their hands.  

Ryan Grant, RB, Green Bay - Vernand Morency was the starter for the game last night, until he had one carry which was apparently enough to break him (cue clip of Dolph Lundgren in Rocky IV saying "I vill break you!).  In comes Ryan Grant, a guy who spent 2005 on the Giants practice squad and 2006 on injured reserve.  With that stellar body of work, the Packers traded an undisclosed draft pick for him in the offseason.  Here's a toast to the Packers scouting staff, because Grant had 22 carries for 104 yards, the best rushing performance the Pack have had all season.   Considering the mess the Green Bay backfield is in, Grant could be the starter for the rest of the season.