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Baseball News From Yesterday - Andruw Jones

So much for uber-agent Scott Boras's warning to the Atlanta Braves last week that his client, Andruw Jones, would not take a home town discount.  Yesterday, the Braves announced they would not try to resign him anyhow.

With this development, specualtion can begin on who will play centerfield for the Braves next season.  If the team signs a CF like Mike Cameron or Cory Patterson, then further specualtion about that player's former centerfield job begins.  Geez, thinking about the Orioles trying to make a good free agent decision after losing Patterson hurts.

Unless rookie Brandon Jones can play centerfield, there does not appear to be any good internal options for the Braves to use in center in 2008.  However, the Braves have broken in rookies that weren't considering ready for full-time work i.e. C Brian McCann, RF Jeff Francouer and C/1B Jarrod Saltalamacchia, so a season with Jones in center shadowed by a veteran like Brady Clark isn't implausible.

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