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What the $%^! Happened? -- Week 8

  • If the NFL thought that Giants-Dolphins game was the way to "sell" American Football overseas, they're sadly mistaken.  Wow, what a stinker of a game that was.  I know the NFL didn't have any control over the weather, or the Dolphins injuries, or Eli Manning's failure to develop as a quarterback, but that matchup was a bomb.  Yuck.  That game was so painful to watch even the TV in the Manning Family Compound was probably turned to a rerun of "Matlock".
  • The Redskins ran the ball a total of 15 times, not counting a Jason Campbell scramble.  Fifteen times!  I realize the Skins were behind the entire game, but what happened to the vaunted, preseason-hyped, two-headed rushing attack?  Portis had 27 yards on 11 carries.  Are these really the Redskins?
  • Limiting Brian Westbrook to 2.2 yards per carry yesterday was an impressive feat by the Vikings.  If I were the Vikings, I'd have focused on stopping the run and making McNabb beat me too.  Unfortunately for the Vikes, McNabb did just that.
  • The Lions are 5-2 (no I didn't make that up) but Jon Kitna hasn't thrown a touchdown pass in three straight games.   I never saw that coming.  
  • Everybody knows that Tom Brady is on pace to throw for 60 touchdowns, but the #2 quarterback in that category is...Derek Anderson with 17.   That means Anderson is on pace to throw for 39 touchdowns.  Really.  
  • Antonio Gates had 92 receiving yards and two touchdowns...on a total of three catches.  Hey Houston, you have to cover Gates on every play.
  • The Bengals have Carson Palmer, Rudi Johnson, Chad Johnson and TJ Houshmandzadeh.  At this rate, they're also going to have a Top 10 NFL Draft Pick this April.  I imagine they'll end up using it on defense (as they should), but the thought of yet another offensive weapon in Cincinnati is exciting for fantasy players.
  • The Titans threw for a total of 42 yards yesterday and beat the Raiders.   Seriously, that's just embarrassing.  Daunte Culpepper threw an interception and fumbled the ball four times.  Why is he in there?  Hello?  Anybody?