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Week Eight Football And Point Spread Questions

Oddly, the six-team bye causes problems at QB given the Falcons, Cardinals, Chiefs and Ravens have had their recent starting QBs sitting in the pool as other bye week replacements. Unfortunately, fantasy football teams will have to settle for the Raiders' Daunte Culpepper, the Dolphins' Cleo Lemon and the Bills' Trent Edwards.  I know I was hoping for a QB chnage in New Jersey so Jets' QB Kellen Clemens would offer another option.

Byes:  Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Ravens

New York Giants vs. Miami Dolphins (+9.5):

  • Will Eli Manning have a great game against a weak Dolphins' defense or will he put up conservative stats as the Giants run, run, run?
  • Is this the week rookie WR Ted Ginn Jr. justifies his selection at #9 overall?
Buffalo Bills at New York Jets (-3):
  • Three weeks ago, the teams combined for 31 points.  Whose offense adjusts better to score more?
  • Will Marshawn Lynch finally run wild against a Jonathan Vilma-less defense?
  • Will 2nd round LB Dave Harris become a second-half IDP sleeper filling in for Vilma?
Cleveland Browns at St Louis Rams (+3):
  • Wow, the Browns as road favorites, Who'd a thunk?
  • Will the return of RB Stephen Jackson make a difference for the league's worst scoring offense?
Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears (-5):
  • Is this the week rookie WR Calvin Johnson finally breaks out?
  • Can the Bears' passing offense live-up the hype of the fantasy punditry?
Indianapolis Colts at Carolina Panthers (+6.5):
  • Who will be the #2 receiving target with WR Marvin Harrison resting up for next week's tilt against that other good AFC team?
  • Vinny Testaverde starting at QB.
Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans (-7.5):
  • That seems like a lot of points to lay, doesn't it?
  • Who has to start an Oakland RB?
Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings (+1):
  • Will WR Reggie Brown have a big game against a poor Vikings pass defense?
  • How will RB Adrian Peterson do in his first week as the full-time RB?
Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals (+3.5):
  • Doesn't there seem to be numerous ways for the Steelers to run their offense?
  • Can RB Kenny Watson have a second consecutive good rushing game?
Houston Texans at San Diego Chargers (-11.5):
  • Can WR kevin Walter repeat last week's great effort?
  • How will newly-acquired WR Chris Chambers do with his new team?
Jacksonville Jaguars at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-4.5):
  • How will QB Quinn Gray do?
  • How does RB Earnest Graham follow-up on his PPR explosion last week?
New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers (+2.5):
  • I know the 49ers are bad, but should the Saints be road favorites?
  • Will QB Alex Smith prove to be the best bye week fill-in amongst the group of free agent options?
Washington Redskins at New England Patriots (-16.5):
  • Wow.  16.5 point underdogs.  Is this more of an indictment of the Redskins' offense or defense?
  • Eventually, the Patriots will stop running up the score to punish Eric Mangini's breech of etiquette, won't they?
Green Bay Packers at Denver Broncos (-3):
  • A Champ Bailey-less Broncos defense shouldn't be a three-point favorite against the Packers, should it?
  • Which Packers RB will have a good game against a soft Broncos rush defense?