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Week Seven Open Games Thread - Cleo Lemon

I enter Week Eight with all for of my fantasy football teams having identical records of 4-3. One began 3-0, another 0-3, the third was 1-2 and the fourth was 2-1.  What's that information worth?  Whatever you want it to be.

I've waited for any positive news on Raiders' QB Josh McCown because I am ready to drop Culpepper and go with Miami's Cleo Lemon or even the Jaguars' Quinn Gray in order to prevent a QB switch mid-game by the Raiders.  After further thought, I decided to go with Lemon.  I am too afraid of seeing Culpepper replaced if the offense struggles against a good Titans' defense.

Travis Henry/Selvin Young:

Given the Broncos play on Monday night, this is the type of decision most fantasy teams dread.  Henry has been very limited in practice, but neither he nor the team has ruled him out.  Reports have Henry saying he will go.  Fantasy teams will have to cross their fingers and start him.

Frank Gore/Michael Williams/Maurice Hicks:

Gore is dinged, but I don't see this as anything more than the cumulative effects of a long season and the team allowing Gore to rest.  How the 49ers would split carries if Gore didn't play is too hard to guess.  If Gore doesn't go, do not be shocked to see WR Ashley Lelie have an excellent receiving game for a 49ers.  That would equate to 4 or 5 receptions and 80 yards with a TD.

DeShaun Foster/D'Angelo Williams:

This morning reported Williams will miss today's game.  Given Foster is listed as "probable", this seems unlikely.  There was no hint whatsoever about this in this morning's Charlotte Observer.  However, I'd start D'Angelo Williams on the chance the Panthers haven't disclosed some recent developments.

Maurice Jones-Drew/Fred Taylor:

MJD hurt his kneee in Monday night's loss.  He has been insistent that he will play.  Given he hasn't had more than 15 carries in any game this season, one shouldn't expect much more than that.  If he is ineffective in his 10 carries or so, I won't be surprised to see QB Quinn Gray pick-up some slack with 40 or so rushing yards.

Jesse Chatman/Patrick Cobb:

The Palm Beach Post's Dolphins beat reporter, Edgar Thompson says, "...because Chatman isn't a 20-, 25-carry a game guy. He'll likely be effective on draw plays and some passes out of the backfield..."  I think this makes Cobb someone to watch, and like Quinn Gray in Jacksonville, QB Cleo Lemon could be a 40-yards-rushing QB.

Brandon Jacobs/Reuben Droughns:

With RB Derrick Ward not making the cross-Atlantic trip to Wembley Stadium,  expect Reuben Droughns to get 10 or so carries and a possible TD.  In a week with few RB options, he could be a reasonable start.

Jamaal Lewis/Jason Wright:

With the nuclear-powered Cleveland offense going against the bicycle-powered St. Louis defense, whoever starts at RB for the Browns is in line for a good game.  Jamaal Lewis is active but has been treated gingerly despite the bye last week.  Playing Jason Wright would be somewhat risky, but a good one nonetheless.