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Vegas Says -- Week 8

You could debate which team is the worst pro football team in America.  This Sunday we'll know for sure who the worst pro football team in the United Kingdom is.  Tally-ho!

All odds are for entertainment purposes only.  This article is not designed to provide gambling information.  If you live in a place where sports gambling is illegal, please don't do it.  By the way, sports gambling is perfectly legal in the United Kingdom, so if you're heading over the pond, print out this article and bring it along.

All odds are from  The home team is listed first.

Miami (+9.5) vs New York Giants -- The first regular season NFL game outside of North America takes place this Sunday at Wembley Stadium in London.  While the NFL was hoping for a marquis matchup, it looks like it could be a Giants blowout.  If there are any Dolphins left (in the NFL, not just on your fantasy team) you shouldn't expect too much from them this week.

Minnesota (+1.5) vs Philadelphia -- Donovan McNabb faces the worst pass defense in the league this week, but that still doesn't mean that McNabb, Brown or Curtis are good fantasy options.  The Eagles are a slight favorite though, so the oddsmakers probably think the Eagles D can contain Peterson.

Tampa Bay (-3.5) vs Jacksonville -- Despite an ugly loss to the Lions last week, the Bucs are still favored against a pretty good Jags team?  Why?  I expect it's because Quinn Gray will be filling in at QB for the injured David Garrard.  Jacksonville had one-dimensional offense (3rd in rushing yards, 26th in passing yards) even with Garrard at the helm, with the inexperienced Gray taking over, it doesn't take a genius to figure out how to defend the Jaguars.

St. Louis (+3) vs Cleveland -- Remember when the lineup of Torry Holt, Marc Bulger, Isaac Bruce and Steven Jackson brought joy to the hearts of fantasy owners and fear to opposing defenses?  Now, they're 3 pt underdogs to the Browns.  At home.  How the mighty have fallen.  The status of Browns RB Jamal Lewis is still unknown, but even if he's out it shouldn't affect the Browns offense for fantasy purposes.  One last note: Derek Anderson is becoming a fantasy star.  I can't believe I just typed that.