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World Series News From Yesterday

Wow.  What a difference between predicting the future and getting it right.  Yesterday, I held out the possibility of a couple of Rockies having good World Series performances to boost their 2008 fantasy values.

Then the game was played.

Rockies' SP Jeff Francis allowed a lead-off HR to a cute wittle secondbaseman (to borrow Nate Silver's description of Dustin Pedroia).  Before being replaced by rookie Franklyn Morales to start the 5th, Francis allowed five more runs and another nine hits and three walks.

As for Morales, a lefty flame-thrower who broke into the national consciousness with a 97 MPH heater in the 2007 XM Satelitte Futures Game, he didn't get out of the 5th having allowed seven earned runs.  Any post-season hype carrying over to next year's drafts seems to have gone up in smoke when reliever Ryan Speier inherited a bases-loaded situation from Morales and walked in those three runners!

While the situation seems dire for the Rockies following the blowout, the 6th inning may have begun a streak where the Rockies' pitching staff holds the Red Sox at bay for the rest of the series.  Right?

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