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Football News From Yesterday

Am I the only person who faced a team with Tom Brady at QB and Wes Welker at the Flex?  As seems to be the case when this happens, my team scored the third-highest total in the league but fell victim to a 6 TD QB and a 2nd WR with 2 TDs and nine catches for 138 yards in a PPR 1pt/10 yards league.

In another league, I had Kenny Watson, but made the mistake of leaving him on the bench despite stating he should be started against a poor Jets defense.  What makes this worse is I am tied going into tonight's Monday night game - and the other team has Colts Kicker Adam Vinitieri.  This is the first time this season that I have made such a big mistake.  FWIW, I had Detroit RB Kevin Jones starting in my RB2.

Amazingly, Vikings' RBs Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor each got 13 touches.  The Vikings lost by 14 to the Cowboys.  Would the margin have narrowed if the Vikings relied more upon the better back?  We'll never know!

Can we finally put to rest the idea that the Oakland Raiders offense is any better this season than it was last year?  This is a crappy offensive squad with no meaningful improvement over last season's embarassment.  Why is RB Lamont Jordan even playing?

Is Falcons' Roddy White this season's breakout receiver?

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