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What the $%^! Happened? -- Week 7

Some mostly random thoughts on the week's games:

  • I'm not a Texans' fan, and I don't have him in any of my leagues, but when Andre Davis caught that pass to take the lead in the 4th quarter, I actually jumped out of my chair and yelled.  What a great play.  Too bad the defense coughed that game away.
  • Any list of fantasy busts for this season needs to include Donovan McNabb.  He is just not right.
  • Warrick Dunn is averaging 3.07 yards per carry. Only one RB with 65 or more carries has a worse average than that - Cedric Benson.  
  • Garcia throws for 316 yards and 2 touchdowns. Kitna throws for 147 yards and no touchdowns.  The Lions win the game. Go figure.
  • Everybody say goodbye to Derrick Ward.  Goodbye Derrick!  It was fun!
  • Don't look now, but Edgerrin James is a Top 10 fantasy running back.
  • Four touchdowns in eight games for Brian Griese. Rex who?
  • Sure, six touchdown passes from Tom Brady is amazing, but not as amazing as four touchdown passes from Sage Rosenfels.  The biggest mistake the Falcons made wasn't trading Schaub to Houston, it was not getting Rosenfels as part of the deal.