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Miami Dolphins: Ronnie Brown, Jesse Chatman and Lorenzo Booker

Just released!  The Miami Dolphins have lost RB Ronnie Brown for the season due to a knee injury.  This will have the effect of making head coach Cam Cameron favorite, Jesse Chatman, the most added player for the week.

While every starting running back has value analogous the the closer in fantasy baseball, the Dolphins are a horrible defensive team that will likely be playing catch-up in the second half of their remaining nine games.  As a result, Chatman's value as a rusher will be diminshed to levels lower than Edgerrin James and possibly on par with the likes of an Oakland Raider RB.  If Chatman proves to be as good a receiver as Ronnie Brown, then he should maintain a higher value.

One thing to keep in mind, though.  The Dolphins have very little reason to play 28-year-old RBs with their season over at 0-7.  What could occur is the team decides to stop deactiviating last year's 3rd round pick (71st overall), RB Lorenzo Booker, every single week and see what he can do.