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Week Seven Football and Point Spreads Questions

Week Seven is the half-way point of the fantasy football season.  (Actually it is the median with six weeks before it and six weeks after.)  There is still time to recover and sneak into the play-offs.  Just like the 1-4 Saints still have a chance, so does your fantasy team.  Keep scouring the waiver wire!

Byes: Cleveland Browns, San Diego Chargers, Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers

San Francisco 49ers at New York Giants (-9):

  • My initial question revolved around the appearance of a passing game. Then I realized the running game hasn't shown-up either.
  • What is going on with the running game?  Reuben Droughns goes for 14/90/1 to out-produce Brnadon Jacobs, who had a very effective 86 yards on 13 carries.
New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals (-6.5):
  • Chad Pennington played just good enough to not lose his job.  Will a bad Cincinnati defense help him retain it for another week?
  • Without my rose-colored fantasy glasses, I see a bad football teams that has no business being a touchdown favorite.
Arizona Cardinals at Washington Redskins (-8.5):
  • Will another week of reps make a difference for QB Tim Rattay?
  • An 8.5 point favorite for a team without an exciting offense.  If the Redskins cover, then the Defense will be the reason.
Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints (-8.5):
  • Was Monday night RB Jerious Norwood's turning point for the 2007 season?  How will new QB Byron Leftwich use his receiving options?
  • Are the Falcons just what the doctor prescribed for the struggling/inconsistent Saints' offense?  Vegas says "Yes!" with that line.
Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills (+3):
  • How is this team favored on the road?  Vegas says the Baltimore Defense is a viable fantasy option.
  • If the Bills fall flat, does it say anything about who the players thought should be starting at QB?
Minnesota Vikings at Dallas Cowboys (-9.5):
  • RBs Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor aren't really sharing carries still, are they?
  • How bad do the linesmakers dislike the Dallas defense?  Just 9.5 points against a team with no passing offense or defense.
New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins (+16):
  • Without Laurence Maroney or Sammie Morris, will the Pats feel the need to even run the ball?
  • How will the WRs split receptions following the trade of perenially disappointing #1 WR Chris Chambers?  If the line was Fish +20, would you take the Fish?
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Detroit Lions (-2):
  • How does newly-acquired RB Michael Bennett do?
  • Does RB Kevin Jones seize the starting job and become a second-half fantasy football stud?
Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans (+1):
  • If QB Vince Young sits, is there anyway for this offense to score?
  • Being a home underdog against the potentially-Vince Young-less Titans smells funny.  Aren't these the New Texans?
Kansas City Chiefs at oakland Raiders (-2.5):
  • While most will want to see how rookie WR Dwayne Bose does against a good secondary, many desperate fantasy owners will be looking for the old Priest Holmes.
  • Will Lamont Jordan return to the early season effectiveness that had many dreaming of the return to his 2005 form or will he continue down the path back towards his 2006 one?
Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles (-6):
  • Will Cedric Benson remain the undisputed #1 RB?
  • The Eagles claim to want to keep WR Reggie Brown involved every week.  Will they?
St Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks (-8.5):
  • How will QB Marc Bulger's return effect the offense?
  • Any chance Top 10 pick RB Shaun Alexander shows up?
Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos (+3.5):
  • How will QB Ben Roethlisberger do against a strong Broncos' secondary?
  • With Travis Henry nearing suspension and WR Javon Walker out for a month, how does the offense respond?
Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars (+3):
  • Will RB Kenton Keith's great Week Five performance show-up in the form of reduced stats from Joseph Addai?
  • Last week, RB Maurice Jones-Drew had his best game of the season.  Will those owners who just about gave-up be rewarded with another good week or pummeled by a bad one?