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Week Seven Open Games Thread - Byron Leftwich

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This week's bye week gamble is Atlanta Falcon's QB Byron Leftwich.  He goes up against a poor New Orleans defense, and, if my guess on a big Roddy White game comes true, then Leftwich will have been the one getting him the ball.  I also like Leftwich to provide a score, as in "four score and..", or so of rushing yards, too.

Here are some last munite Starts, Sits and fantasy implications/advice.

Laurence Maroney/Sammie Morris:  Morris has been downgraded to "Out".  A team could do worse than RB Kevin Faulk if in a bind even if Maroney is active, which has been reported to be true and not true depending on the minute of the day.  At 9:50 AM EST, FOXSports was saying Maroney would be out.  Of course, at noon, he is active.  Given the way he split carries when healthy, I'd sit Maroney if a better option was available.  The defintion of "better option" is a different discussion.

Rudi Johnson/Kenny Watson::  Johnson is listed as "doubtful", and the Cincinnati Enquirer reports he is expected to miss this week's game.  Start RB Kenny Watson against a poor Jets run defense.

Champ Bailey: If a quadriceps injury keeps Bailey out of the line-up, do not be surprised to see Pittsburgh throw more effectively as the Broncos' secondary will have lost the ability to shut down half the field.  Would Denver see Hines Ward as the #1 and shift Dre Bly to him or would Santonio Holmes be considered #1?  That has fantasy implications.

Earnest Graham/Michael Bennett: Bennett will be active, but how much of the TB system will he be able to learn in less than a week's time?  Graham is a safe start for this week, but be wary if his load is light this week.

Brandon Jacobs/Derrick Ward/Reuben Droughns: This morning's New York Post reports Droughns is likely to get goalline tocuhes while the other two split carries.  I just threw-up in my mouth.

Vince Young/LenDale White/Chris Brown: With Young expected to begin the game as the #2 QB, RB LenDale White may have a big game against a middling Texans' rush defense if Titans' head coach Jeff Fisher looks to protect QB Kerry Collins from losing the game by running a lot.  White's prospects improve markedly especially with his RBBC-mate Chris Brown struggling with an ankle injury.

Stephen Jackson:'s injury analyst Stephania Bell proffered the opinion on Rotowire Fantasy Sports Hour with Chris Liss that she does not believe Stephen Jackson would play.  She is getting better and better every week.  Following Will Carroll is no easy task, but she is really beginning to hit her stride.  

Andre Johnson: The aforementioned Bell just answered this to a question about Johnson:

Johnson is probably at least two more weeks away.  His is a tough injury and really is week-to-week, hence the frustration.  But expect 2-3 weeks longer.