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Top 5 Running Backs So Far - Tomlinson, Gore, Addai, Jackson & Johnson

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With a quarter of the regular season games in the books, the general impression is one of disappointment for the running backs selected at the top of most drafts. Stephen Jackson and Larry johnson have yet to score, and Frank Gore has not had a 100-yard game. Ladanian Tomlinson has scored but his yard totals leave the impression of under-performing most expectations.

Using a 1.0 PPR format with 10/yards per point to calculate a Points score, Colts' RB Joseph Addai has been the most productive followed closely by Tomlinson. Unfortunately, Addai is hurt and may not play in Week Five. Given how poorly the other five backs have done, even missing a week would still leave those owners who took Addai feeling good.

While Addai has clearly made his owners the happiest, do not give-up yet. Just one monster game or two will change this rankings. Recall that Ladanian Tomlinson had 336 yards and his back-up had 277 through four games last year, and LT ended-up OK.

Player Att Yds TD Rec Yds TD Pts
Ladanian Tomlinson 77 262 2 19 121 2* 81.3
Stephen Jackson 69 233 0 8 57 0 37
Frank Gore 68 254 3 8 79 0 59.3
Joseph Addai 84 407 5 11 60 0 87.7
Larry Johnson 75 263 0 14 95 0 49.8
*Includes a passing TD.