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Week Six Fantasy Football WRs - Roddy White

Given injuries to Texan Andre Johnson and Titan Brandon Jones last week, I had the choice of four WRS and chose Torry Holt and Reggie Brown. Brown was the best with 14 points. Given that total ranked at the top, how the other three did meant very little.

This week I picked-up Dolphins' #1 WR Marty Booker and cut bait on Brandon Jones following the news that Jones will miss another two-three weeks following knee surgery and the trade of WR Chris Chambers to the Chargers. In a PPR, Booker should be able to produce 8-15 points every week - 4-7 receptions plus 40-80 yards with an occasional TD thrown in.

However, he becomes bench fooder the moment Texans' WR Andre Johnson returns to the Houston's starting line-up. The rumbling all week is Johnson may play this week. If he does, then he'll automatically enter the line-up and never leave.

Interestingly, Roddy White is the 5th best play this week amongst all #1 WRs in Football Scientist KC Joyner's rankings. Considering White has not averaged less than 16.3 ypc since Week one, a weakened New orleans secondary could provide an excellent environment for him to revisit his Week Three breakout effort (7/126/1). In each of those games, his longest catch was for at least 34 yards.

FWIW, I needed to pick-up a TE to start for Kellen Winslow. KC Joyner also provides match-up grades for TEs. I went to the list and took the free agent TE with the highest Adv - the Oakland Raiders Zach Miller. Miller actually had the 5th best score for the week behind Chris Cooley, Ben Watson, Dallas Clark and the week's top TE, Jeremy Shockey.

This Week

WR Team Grade DB Team Grade Adv
Reggie Brown PHI 2.5 Charles Tillman CHI 3.5 -1
Muhsin Muhammad CHI 2.5 Sheldon Brown PHI 2.5 0
Torry Holt STL 3 Kelly Jennings SEA 2.65 0.35
Andre Johnson HOU 1 INJ INJ 4 -3
Marty Booker MIA 2.65 Ellis Hobbs NE 2.5 0.15
Roddy White ATL 2.5 Jason David NO 1 1.5

Last Week

WR Team Adv Rec Yds TD Right?
Reggie Brown PHI -0.2 6 89 0 No
Muhsin Muhammad CHI 0.5 2 44 1 Yes
Torry Holt STL 1 4 33 0 No
Andre Johnson HOU -3 OUT OUT OUT OUT
Brandon Jones TEN -1 OUT OUT OUT OUT
Roddy White ATL -0.5 4 64 0 Yes